In honour of the holiday season, I decided to check in with some of the fantastic women who have been highlighted in my Momterviews this year to find out what they (and their kids) have on their wish lists this year.

Tracy Moore

“My Christmas list is pretty pathetic. I want slippers. Not the cute little ballerina flat kind or anything with a heel. I want big, comfy, moccasin slippers. I hate being barefoot and I really don’t like hanging around the house in socks. Slippers are definitely my thing.

As for Sidney, even though he’s not fully into the gift thing yet, he’ll be asking for “mighty machines”. Basically any toy that can dig, push, or flatten dirt.

Without any doubt there will be a ton of clothing for Eva under the tree. My extended family is great about buying big so I always have clothing for her next stage.”
Laurie Gelman

“What I wish for is a clean house, and a family that helps me keep it that way. And an ipad.

The big things on the girls’ lists are an American Girl Doll and an E-Z Bake Oven Cupcake Kitchen (Misha) and a puppy and clothes (Jamie). Jamie isn’t getting the puppy, but she knows that. She asks every year, but Misha is allergic.”

Marci Ien

“On my list: sleep!, spa gift certificates, Louis Vuitton monogram carryall, car starter, warm pj’s.

On Blaize’s list: Moon Dough, Stinky the Garbage Truck, Mighty Beanz, anything Spiderman, another guinea pig (male — we have a female…and according to Blaize…they can then have 100 babies!!!), a computer, Silly Bands (she has 60 but wants an even 100)”

Jessica Holmes

“Daughter wants a wedding gown (what?!?!) and son wants an ice cream truck. A real one!”

This Mom Loves readers: what’s on your list? I’m sure you have your kids’ lists memorized (and possibly have gifts purchased and wrapped) but what are you asking for yourself?

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  1. This year I'm looking for items for the kitchen, since I have had a little extra time lately to bake while on mat leave. I am always happy with chocolate, bath products and socks/slippers. A Thomas Sabo charm would be nice too!

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