As a blogger, I am often approached by groups hoping for me to share their Public Service messages. To be quite honest, although many of these causes are important and worthwhile, I don’t always have the time.

This one is different. Today I want to talk about “On The Go Women”, and their goal of Osteoporosis Awareness. Sure, sure, you think you’re too young, but it’s never too early to start protecting your bones.  My mom and grandma have osteoporosis, and part of me assumes that there’s no escaping it. However, there are many preventive measures, such as calcium and Vitamin D intake, and regular weight-bearing and resistance training exercise, that could delay or even prevent this disease.

Can you believe that at age 30 my doctor recommended I start taking Calcium and Vitamin D supplements? I bought some at that point, but since both can be found in my multivitamin, I stopped bothering with the extra dosage. Maybe it’s time to start again. I’ve seen my mom go through two terrible broken wrists, and I have to wonder if the outcome could have been different.

The On The Go Women website offers a list of bone-healthy foods (many to suit even the staunchest milk-hater), as well as details about the disease and treatment options. There’s also a “Could You Be At Risk?” quiz, but it seems to be geared to women in a higher age bracket than mine.

You might be sure that you’re taking all possible measures to safeguard yourself from this disease, but what about your mom? Click below for tips on starting “the osteoporosis conversation”. How many years has she spent worrying about your health? Maybe it’s time to switch things up.

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So what am I going to do today? Check with my mom to make sure she’s complying with her medications (I’m sure she is), include some cheese in my dinner, and either treadmill or do some free weights in front of the TV tonight. Then, next time I’m at the drug store I’ll pick up a fresh bottle of Calcium with Vitamin D.

What are you going to do?

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  1. Good thinking! I often worry about that myself. I don't consume nearly enough calcium as I should be, and I should take a pro-active approach like you. Is there any way we can test our calcium levels in our 30's, 40's etc?

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