We’ve been waiting for signs of readiness. How does this sound?

We made it home from the local fair, and got the girls into their jammies, which included a fresh diaper for little Maggie. Minutes later, she shouted out “I go poo in little one!” Thinking it was some sort of reference to a dirty diaper, I shouted “Daddy will be right there!” (Hey, I was busy lamenting the $80 we spent so that a two and four year old could ride a merry-go-round and look at livestock.)

He arrived in the washroom to find that our little girl had taken off her pj bottoms and diaper, opened up the potty-serving-as-a-stepstool and had done her business. (Apparently “little one” is her term for the potty – i.e. little toilet.)

In some ways, I’d like to hold on to the ease of the diaper phase. At this age, there are only a few changes each day, and I dread the out-in-public (or car) “I gotta go!” panic. I don’t want to be stuck at home, but with Frannie we learned that spending the first 48 hours right by the potty, with frequent fluids and lots of good books and TV shows, can set a successful pattern. We also learned that Smarties are great incentives. One for a number one, and…well, you get it. “Bribes are bad!” you say? I’ve been teaching children for more than ten years now, and I have yet to meet one who requires a Smartie, sticker or potty dance in order to eliminate. You do what you gotta do.

So apparently she’s ready. But are we?

5 comments on “Potty Training: Part 1”

  1. Potty training is sooo hard! My three year old, well he will be 4 in February, was so stubborn. It has actually only been the last two weeks since I can actually say that he is potty trained. I wish you all the best success :O) I am hoping that my 15 month old will take to potty training a lot easier than his other two brothers!

  2. Potty training is my least favourite parenting process but like you I'm not above bribing and my three kids never once ask me for a treat afterwards now.

    love your site.. am now following!

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