Okay, the free time thing was a joke (you’re here because you’re a mom, right?), but today I’m sharing three sites that I like to visit just for fun. Obviously, if you only have a little bit of time you should stay right here, but if you happen to be on bedrest, or your boss is out today and you don’t have to worry about the quick-minimize-move, here are some suggestions:

Lil’ Sugar: This online magazine is a new Canadian startup, and there you’ll find quick info bytes, fashions for you and the kids, contests (you still have time to get in on the free laundry service giveaway!), celebrity scoop, crafts and recipes. PLUS, right now they’re featuring this amazing blogger named Kate Winn…

People Magazine’s Celebrity Baby Blog: It’s light and fluffy, and the go-to place if you just have to know what Suri’s been wearing. (Suri and Shiloh were born the same Spring as Frannie, so I feel a real connection.) This site has all the news about expectant celebs and famous offspring, but there are also product reviews, parenting tips and giveaways. Consider it a guilty indulgence.
I’m An Organizing Junkie: I know, I know, sounds so totally fun, right?? This site is for my soulmates out there who could see themselves getting excited over titles like “Bathroom Storage”, “The Laundry System That Saved My Life”, and “My Peter Walsh Interview”. If you don’t know who Peter Walsh is, this is not the site for you. Though it probably should be. Plus, there are lots of menu plans for those of you who actually cook. (You people are so not my soulmates.)
There you have it: on days when I have no new content (and you have read through and commented on all archived posts, as well as checked out links to my published articles) you have my blessing to pop over and check out one of these spots.
And you? What’s your guilty online pleasure? (Keep it clean, ladies, keep it clean!)

7 comments on “When You’ve Got Some Free Time…”

  1. thanks for the mention! lil-sugar.ca is forever thankful 😉 AAAnnnddd to be compared to the other two sites is a plus!! xoxo Kate, love your blog!

  2. Hi! "Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest"

    It's not Saturday, I'm not a Mother, and I'm late but still… I'm here!

    Those links are interesting. Especially the organizing junkie one, which I'll have to check out as soon as I finish posting here. 😛

    I'm all about organization. I think sometimes, I'm borderline OCD about certain things being in certain places at all times.

    You have a lovely blog!

    My online indulgences would have to be… blogging, Facebook & Spark People.

    I can't go a day without doing one of those three things! And now, my new cell phone has web browsing capabilities so if I can't get to the computer, I'm browsing from my phone.


    Anyway, I'm rambling… take care!

  3. Free time…haha. 😛

    My guilty online pleasure is logging into my daughter's Webkinz account and playing all her games. "Hey Mom, did you already spin my Wheel of Wow?"

  4. Hi Kate! I appreciate your honest perspective on following. I'm glad you dropped by. I'm originally from Montreal and I still have relatives in Ottawa and Toronto, nice to hear from a fellow Canadian!

    I like your blog, I like the look of your blog too. I plan on coming back to read your past posts. (Saw the "Does French Matter?" article title and I'm looking forward to reading that especially…) 🙂

  5. Very cool, that you get your articles published!
    The only sites added to my favorite section is the blogs I follow and the occassional kids site!
    I do like to watch crazy, zany, funny videos on you tube with the kids to lighten things up!
    ps. kate do you have a button i can grab to add to my blog?

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