For those of you wondering what happened to all of my movie reviews, here’s the issue: My blogging goal, lofty as it may be, is to focus on the positive and share experiences which I would recommend. For the last month, I have been sorely disappointed with movies. This Mom does not love wasting her time. We rent at least a couple of new releases each week, and usually make it to the theatre once a month, but I honestly haven’t seen anything worth writing about.

Last Tuesday, however, I hit cheap night at the cinema with my husband’s three sisters (my favourite girls’-night-out companions) to see Date Night. It was more than worth the $5.25 ticket price. My guess is that the vast majority of married couples could relate to the routine and comfort of the Fosters’ family life, and although that is the undercurrent of the film, the plot is actually a funny case of mistaken-identity, try to outsmart the bad guys, completely implausible storyline. Sorry — I hope you weren’t expecting a Steve Carrell/Tina Fey picture to be a moving drama.

The only downfall of “Date Night” was the absolutely senseless nudity. I mean, really, how many viewers want to see Marky Mark with his shirt off? Several times? Showing off an extremely muscular physique? Tsk, tsk. Just terrible.

Where was I? Oh right. This movie would be a great choice for your next “date night”, although I suppose it’s kind of ironic that I went to it with the girls. I think I’ll drag my husband to Sex and the City 2 to balance things out!

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  1. Saw this on the weekend, although I actually did go as a date with my husband and thought it was hilarious. They are both so funny!

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