And the winner of the Red Cross Emergency Kit, courtesy of Public Safety Canada, is…

Carla C. of Toronto, ON! She was entrant number 36 out of 80, and her number was chosen by Random Number Generation at
FYI – If you’re wondering why there were 88 comments, but only 80 entries, it’s because some of those comments were mine. And my mom’s. And I’m a super-ethical gal who didn’t quite think it would be fair for either of us to win! There were also a few “Anonymouses” who left absolutely no identifying information and were therefore eliminated. (Some did email me with their details, and they were included.)

Thanks again to Public Safety Canada, and to all of those who entered. I’m glad you’re all giving some thought to emergency preparedness and your families’ safety plans…but I hope you never need them!

By the way, there’s still time to enter to win a $25 gift certificate for Little Leggings N’ More, and if you have a minute, sign up in the sidebar to receive This Mom Loves by email, to follow publicly through Google Friend Connect, or follow on Twitter @thismomloves. You’ll never miss new info, and you’ll always qualify for extra giveaway entries…so how can you lose? Watch for another terrific contest starting at the end of this week!

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