If you want a creative way to keep your kids even closer to your heart, follow my lead: order a do-it-yourself photo necklace from Photo Jewelry Making. I bought a double-sided charm with a ballchain, but found the chain wasn’t dressy enough so I bought a new one elsewhere. (If you order a necklace, I’d recommend upgrading to the sterling silver option instead.)

Make sure you choose a product that comes with the EZ-resizer software CD. The process was extremely simple: scan or upload your photo, enter the size # (provided with your product) and presto, your picture is the right size! My necklace even came with the photo paper to print the pictures on. I’ve received many compliments, and my daughters are pretty impressed as well.

The site offers other products, like rings, watches, and several different kinds of bracelets (maybe a Mother’s Day gift for Grandma?), as well as bulk kits in case you’re looking to start a new home business. I toyed with the idea, but decided instead to moonlight writing a blog for free….lucky for you!

4 comments on “Keep Your Kids Close To Your Heart!”

  1. What a great idea! I can see myself getting creative and putting nature photos in. Can you change the photo out once you've put it in?

  2. There are two different types – one comes with a paste that you put over top and it becomes permanent. I bought the easy-change type where you slide in the pictures and the covers, and you can change them up whenever you want.

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