Well, I can’t honestly say I love making confessions (although I am Catholic, so of course I see the spiritual value…) but for your entertainment pleasure I will return to this topic every once in a while.

Today’s shocker Part I: I pay someone to clean my house. It’s only every other week, just the heavy stuff, but it’s true, I am not able to maintain my home to my standards all by myself. Not so shocking? Here’s Part II: Every other Friday I insist on returning home before the rest of my family in order to replace all of the items that have been moved slightly out of place. There, I said it…

Although Sandra does an amazing job (impressing even me) I’m not quite sure why she doesn’t put everything back in the exact symmetrical, right-angled placement where she found it. I’ve come up with some ideas: a) she has other things going on in her life than remembering that my picture frames should be arranged chronologically, and therefore forgets, b) she wants to assure me that she has in fact cleaned every surface, and is therefore misplacing things strategically, or c) she really thinks her way is better. I mean, really? Who wants their soapdish on the left side of the sink? Or their bathmat perpendicular to the bathtub? Unless perhaps one wants to do lunges while towelling off.

I know there is a word for this need I have to restore “order”, but admitting it would be launching a whole twelve-step program, and frankly I don’t have the time. I’m too busy alphebetizing my canned goods.

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  1. I really hope you're joking about alphebetizing your canned goods. However, I really am impressed by your blog! I am going to check it out for sure. You have lots of practical ideas that can work for everyone! Thanks

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