If you’re looking for a way to jazz up your next party, check out the Murder Mysteries at Host-Party. Last night we attended “A St. Valentine’s Day Murder Mystery”, which took place at [my brother’s place turned into] a 1929 Chicago speakeasy (note the gangster and flapper attire on “Al Kohol” and “Brandy Chaser”). We had a blast!

The site has a great selection, with games for all ages and group sizes. There are even children’s games (which don’t involve murder) with themes like pirates, wildlife, Ancient Egypt, love potions, knights and fairies. An original birthday party idea!

You customize all of your party information on the website, and then print invitations which provide your guests with login details so they can access additional clues about their characters (and costume ideas) before the party.

The games are between $20 and $30, and you can choose from various time periods, settings, and holiday themes. (Wouldn’t “Murphy’s Wake” or “Paddy O’Really is Dead” spice up your St. Patrick’s Day bash?) One caveat: the games are no friend to the environment, as my brother had to print out 111 pages in total for last night’s event! (You can pay extra to have it printed and shipped to you.)

The game is really what you make of it, but with the right group it can be a lot of fun, which it was last night. Thanks, Ed and Ash! It was worth paying for a babysitter and staying up late, which I don’t often say!

3 comments on “Murder Mystery Party: Meet Al Kohol and Brandy Chaser”

  1. What a great suggestion for a party! I love the idea about themes for not only the adults but the kids. I know my kids would love to try this idea! And I really like that it's inexpensive! Thanks for sharing!

  2. They are a great idea we did one for a staff Christmas party with all the girls at work it as "the night before a beauty Pageant" it was a lot of fun.

  3. Do be careful who you invite. For a houseparty it doesn't usually matter who comes b/c people who don't get along won't park themselves side-by-side on the couch. But with a murder mystery everyone has to interact. I was once at one of these that didn't turn out very nicely. Before the "personalities clashed" I really wouldn't have even known that there was an issue.
    On the other hand, maybe purposely inviting all the wrong people might make for some fun at their expense…

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