The daycare at my school did a really neat activity with their kids, so I repeated it with my daughters, and think it’s worth sharing here. It’s a fun and easy way to create outdoor winter decorations for your home.

1. Take empty containers (margarine, yogurt, etc.)*
2. Fill with water.
3. Add food colouring and mix until desired colour.
4. Place string in the mixture (tape to the side of the container if necessary; you want it to freeze inside the decoration)
5. Take the containers outside or place in your freezer until frozen.
6. Remove ice from containers, and hang outdoors.**

* I used a 6-pack muffin container from the supermarket. Of course usually I get up before dawn to make my own muffins, but just this one time I bought a package. No, I am not serious.

** If you live someplace where it’s too warm to hang ice outside, I hate you.
P.S. The branches shown here are from the beautiful cherry tree my husband planted on the day of our first-born’s baptism. Yes, it had to be planted that very day. It’s not like we had anything else to do. Our second born? She did get a tree, but (surprise!) we didn’t get around to planting it until a few weeks after her celebration. 

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3 comments on “Icy Decorations”

  1. LOVE IT. what a great idea and not costly like others and very simple even for younger kids.

    Will definitely try it.

  2. Neat idea Kate! I will try this with the girls – although I'll have to hang the decorations on someone else's tree as we're a bit short on those in our yard!

  3. One day I let the boys run free in the snow with several tuperware juice boxes filled with water & different colours of food colouring. Baby & I stayed warm inside watching and their coloured decorations all over the snow lasted until the next snowfall.

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