A cape is the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe…even the Duchess of Cambridge thinks so! Yes, I will admit that my hunt for a cape was sparked by these People magazine photos of Kate, out and about while pregnant with George a few years ago wearing her Zara cape.

While unable to find the exact same one (or should I say, unwilling to pay what ebay sellers are asking) I did find an item with a similar feel this season at Suzy Shier (40% off at the time of this posting). Admittedly it is considered a poncho and not a cape (according to my research, a cape is defined by its open front) it does have the circular shape of a cape (rather than the angles of a traditional poncho). Got all that?


If you’re looking for a cape of your own, I’ve gathered some choices to help – as you can see I lean towards the plaids and neutrals, but I tried to branch out. All are under $100 except the designer one at $1200. Can you spot it?

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