If you’ve been following me on Instagram (or if you caught my first or second blog posts on the topic) you know that I’ve been dabbling in the Replikate world, following the fashion of the Duchess of Cambridge (often still referred to her by her maiden name of Kate Middleton).

Before I give you an update, I want you to know that this is six months’ worth of Replikate photos, and many items I already had in my closet or received as gifts. I’m a pretty frugal shopper – though I have been known to make the occasional splurge! Even the three new items are just from Payless, Zara and Gap (the last two via eBay).

While I love a lot of Kate’s formalwear (and own a replica of one of her dresses that I actually wore on Easter this year), I really have few opportunities to wear dresses (especially since I work with Le Chateau for my appearances on The Social). Instead, I’ve been focusing on the Duchess’s more casual clothing, which is very much my style as well.

Without further ado…

  • The Payless version of Kate’s French Sole Henrietta flats (yes, mine have safety grip on the bottom – I kept them as my “indoor shoes” at school this winter).


  • I posted previously about Kate’s Me & Em breton striped top (I own the same one she has in her extensive collection of striped shirts) but here I paired it with a navy blazer and some of my Replikate jewelry.

  • Nope, this isn’t Kate, it’s her possible-future-sister-in-law Meghan Markle, who apparently has a similar handbag to one that I bought a couple of years ago at Ricki’s for 30 bucks.

  • This Old Navy trench has been in my closet for a few years as well, but I only recently came across the photo below of Kate wearing something a lot like it.

  • Many thanks to What Would Kate Do? for these amazing Replikate earrings from their Royal Jewelry Box collections (you can pre-order their Holiday box now!)

  • These coral jeans came from Gap last summer, but I dressed them up a bit for school recently with a statement necklace (and a t-shirt that was not as wrinkled when I put it on  –  this photo was taken after a day in a kindergarten classroom!)

  • I hunted for ages on eBay for these cute (and comfy) Zara biker trousers – identical to Kate’s – and finally found them in my size!

  • Another eBay purchase (again the exact same item Kate owns), the Gap fitted boyfriend shirt. I can pair mine with a navy blazer too; still looking for the perfect navy sweater. Kate’s cashmere version from J Crew is not in the budget for me right now – I have a trip to London to pay for in just a few weeks, you know! #Kate40

  • My kind and generous new friend Amanda from Effervescence Media (she designed my gorgeous new site and also runs What Would Kate Do?) passed along this J Crew perfect fit chambray shirt, the same one worn by Meghan Markle both off-screen and on-screen in Suits. Another fun item for the closet!

  • Finally, this one’s a stretch, but as I pulled out one of my fave summer items, this ruffly lace sleeveless blouse (I always get a lot of compliments on it), I started to notice that Kate’s been seen wearing some white ruffles as well.

Next on my wish list: the Petit Bateau top Kate wore in Vogue not long ago. I almost got fooled by a very similar style on their website recently, but the stripes were all wrong…far too few on the pocket (because these details matter, of course!) If you just happen to have this version in your closet and don’t want it, please let me know!

With any luck my next Kate/Kate update will involve a Duchess-spotting on the streets of London during my 40th birthday adventure…coming very soon!


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