I have mixed feelings about being a fashion blogger. On one hand, I am certainly interested in fashion (I don’t mean the runway version, but everyday, accessible looks) and I’m proud of my ability to find great deals (especially when it comes to RepliKating the Duchess of Cambridge’s looks!) Also note that only four of the items seen below have been purchased in the last year. Several pieces are a few years old, so clearly I try to get creative with older inventory!


What I’m not as comfortable with is being photographed regularly in order to show off my outfits. When working with sponsors or for special events I’m in the right head space to be a model, but not every single day.

My Le Chateau look on The Social


A few weeks ago, I was excited to share a cute spring-y top that I could finally wear (you know, since the weather actually went above zero), but when I asked my daughter to take some photos of me and I took a peek at the final results, I was distracted by trivial things (we shot outdoors, so my hair was blowing in my face, I was squinting in the sun, etc.) I ended up posting the photo on Instagram with my head cut off!

Then, I had an epiphany: I don’t necessarily have to show the clothing on me! For regular “outfit of the day” posts, I can just style the items to showcase, like this:


My Kate Middleton look: her Me+Em Breton stripe top, a navy blazer, and a RepliKate of her Carter watch and one of her pairs of Kiki McDonough earrings


Branching out of the matchy-matchy look by pairing a chambray top with a polka-dot skirt   

My “less than three months ’til London” look (shoes are Fergalicious by Fergie)

Pulled out the Dan Post cowboy boots for the Rascal Flatts concert

Going crazy with some animal print

My posts on Instagram have more detailed brand info and tags as well (and just so you know, none of these were sponsored!) Stay tuned for more fashion updates on my Instagram account and here at This Mom Loves!

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