While I haven’t yet stocked up on any of the Duchess of Cambridge’s looks from the 2016 Canada Tour, I have had fun with a few RepliKates since I last updated my dear readers! (Though if you follow on Instagram, you probably saw all of these in real time!)


Earrings from D Baker Jewelry on Etsy (bottom, under $40), replicas of Kate’s Kiki McDonough Lauren Yellow Gold Pave Diamond Leaf Earrings (top; roughly $3600 Canadian). I’ve worn them several times a week since they came in the mail – love them!


While in Toronto on the holidays, I made an appointment at Sephora for a Custom Makeover (free with minimum $50 purchase). The makeup artist (Khadijah) and I discussed my goals (to try out and report on some of Kate Middleton’s favourite items) and it was a lot of fun! Of course I wasn’t worried about replicating the Duchess’s exact shades of products (although we do have similar colouring).

We know for a fact, through sources directly at Bobbi Brown, that Kate has worn the brand (including on her wedding day, when she did her own makeup!) Some other companies have confirmed that she has bought or worn their products, and on occasion she has even been spotted making a purchase. (Lots of info on my favourite Kate site, What Would Kate Do?)

So, in good fun, I tried out the following:

Urban Decay Naked Eye Shadow Palette (which I didn’t end up purchasing, because I have almost all of the same colours at home by different companies…and I’m not made of money!)

Bobbi Brown foundation stick
Bobbi Brown creamy matte lip colour
Bobbi Brown lip gloss

Lancome Kohl Eye-Liner (recommended by the makeup artist over the Kohl Le Crayon, likely worn by the other Kate, which the pro finds drier and harder to apply)

There were many other products used to create the look above, but I ended up buying the three Bobbi Brown items as well as the eyeliner, which I really liked. (I already have a great mascara, blush, etc. at home.)

In the future, I’d still like to try out the Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (seems like a quick and easy school-day product), and a bee venom mask that doesn’t cost more than a mortgage payment.


When in need of new running shoes, of course I wondered, “What would Kate wear?” Some quick research indicated that her latest sneaker appearance involved a pair of Adidas Pure Boost X trainers…which of course immediately sold out. However, someone on eBay happened to be offering up the exact same pair (in my size!), and I won the auction, paying much less than the regular selling price. They’re funky-looking shoes in person (you can actually put your finger right through the area under the foot and above the sole of the shoe!) and SOOOO comfy.


Again, I “needed” a neutral-looking scarf as the cold weather approaches…so why not go with the exact same one Kate wore on her very first visit to Canada? Here’s my new Aquascutum Club Check scarf, and a grainy photo of Kate sporting hers while out on the Canadian water.


While I haven’t yet copied any of Kate’s style from last month’s royal visit, once again she copied mine – which proves to me that I have chosen the right style icon! She was seen in a nice cozy red sweater, similar to the Joe Fresh version I’ve been wearing for over a year!

Until next time!

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