From the June 2011 issue of Today’s Parent magazine:

“Always be available to your kids. Because if you say, ‘Give me five minutes, give me 10 minutes,’ it’ll be 15, it’ll be 20. And then when you get there, the shine will have worn off whatever it is they wanted to share with you. I’ve never gotten up to see something one of my kids wanted to show me and not been rewarded.”

Michael J. Fox

3 comments on “Wednesday Words from Michael J. Fox”

  1. Thanks for the great reminder! Sometimes we get too busy with our own lives to stop and share the little moments with our kids.

  2. After I read this in TP I had that same thought! Who cares about the laundry (not me on a good day)! It actually inspired me to step back and re evaluate my priorities. I ende up hiring a housekeeper so I could spend more quality time with my kiddies.

  3. What a beautiful quote! I totally agree and I certainly needed this reminder because as a teacher in the last few weeks of school with Grade 8 trip, graduation and report cards, I literally tell my kids "hang in there and you will get Mommy back in a few more days." It is hard to balance work life and home life and we always need little reminders to slow down and give more time to our wonderful children. Thanks for sharing!
    Krista S.

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